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custodians of the australian shire horse studbook

Thank You for visiting the Shire Horse Society Australia web site.

The Society promotes and protects this magnificent rare English heavy horse breed within Australia and provides services to members and those interested in owning a Shire. The Shire Horse Society of Australia was established in 1978 by Shire Horse enthusiast Grahame West. The Society was incorporated in September 2004.

The Shire Horse Society Australia works together with its members to promote and encourage the development of the Shire Breed in Australia and to maintain an Australian Shire Horse Stud Book. The Stud Book recognises horses which are registered in Shire Stud Books from the UK, the US and Canada, where the same rules of DNA testing apply. We are fully affiliated with the Shire Horse Society UK.

The Society also upholds the breed standard in Australia by teaching about the breed and appointing an Official Panel of Judges.

If you love this mighty breed of horse then the Shire Horse Society invites you to come and join in, even if you don't own a Shire. We have much to offer....

For a tiny outlay you will gain friends with a common interest, any info you may need, support with your horse if you are just starting out, and much accumulated wisdom and knowledge regarding the Shire. Plus, of course, our regular enews.

Please take a moment to learn more about the Shire Horse and our joining our society, including the leading Shire Horse studs, Shire links, and contacts for more information.

The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book

For those interested in registering a horse in The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book, you will find all the information and forms you need in our Stud Book section.


Membership is just $30 a year!

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The Australian Shire Horse Stud Book is now on-line.

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